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Interviewers and Interviewees Guide

Interviewers and Interviewees Guide - XLRI FR A.C JESURAJAN...

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XLRI FR A.C. JESURAJAN, S.J. MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROLE PLAY EXERCISES Role play exercises are not stage plays. The participants have no prior knowledge of what they will say or how they will respond to what is proposed. It forces them to think on their feet and come up with answers. The participants can role play well, if 1 they have a thorough knowledge of their roles; 2 they have anticipated possible twists and turns in the interaction; 3 they have rehearsed sufficiently, so that their ability to think on their feet has been fostered; 4 they enter into their roles totally. The audience should be warned to remain totally silent, no matter what the provocations are, and never interfere with the participants, either by talking to them or laughing at their responses. INSTRUCTIONS TO THE INTERVIEWERS 1 They, as a group, should learn all they can about the company: its name, origin, history, its personnel, its products, its marketing and advertising strategies, its market position and its recruitment policies. 2 They should identify, by talking either to the company managers or to the faculty and students who are familiar with that company, the key attributes the company looks for in its recruits. They should be a maximum of four. 3 They should prepare small cases or live situations, and not just questions, that will bring out the extent of knowledge and competence the interviewees have.
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