Course Outline-Management Accounting

Course Outline-Management Accounting - MANAC-II 2011 BM-I...

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MANAC-II, 2011 BM-I Course Outline MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING – II For BM-I, 2011-13 Course Instructor: Prof. Santosh Sangem Contact Details: Office- No.18, Second Floor, Library Block. Office Ext. 3118; Email: [email protected] The making of business decisions often presents itself to us as a problem of evaluating the benefits vis-à-vis the costs associated with such decisions. The subject of Cost Management which is the focus of this course is largely focused on the latter with an important objective being the appropriate measurement of costs for various business situations, be it routine calculations such as product costs for pricing decisions or for strategic decisions such as introducing new product lines, and so on. In both the manufacturing and service sectors, the appropriate determination of cost requires the application of various methodologies in accordance with the nature of production/service delivery system. The objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts of Cost Management and their use in the managerial decision making process. Pedagogical Methods: The subject of Cost Management is essentially an application oriented discipline and the most effective approach to developing the required application, interpretative, and assessment skills would be to work through the numbers on a variety of examples on your own over and above those covered in the classes. Considering the nature of the course and the requirement to work through the numerical computations, the primary pedagogical tools are lectures, mini-cases, and examples. Active participation by students is an important feature of the course. Study Material
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Course Outline-Management Accounting - MANAC-II 2011 BM-I...

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