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Practice Projects, Essays and Exam Questions All of the projects described below have been successfully completed by many of my masters students over the years. Chapter Five – Projects Learning, Knowledge Creation and Management This project will involve you in a series of three one-hour knowledge management workshops. Participation in the workshops will enable you to: 1. read, assimilate and ‘make sense’ of research material, quickly; 2. identify and explain the practical relevance of this material; 3. generate new insights and knowledge. In preparation for the first two workshops you will be required to read a carefully selected paper or set of readings. The workshop will invite each participant to come prepared to: (a) summarize the paper in a nut- shell; (b) identify some key insights for the knowledge management process; and (c) to apply those insights to a case example. The assignment requires that you write up your experience of the workshop. This account of your experience should be informed by relevant theory and research on learning, knowledge and knowledge management in an organizational context (a reference list will be supplied to get you started). You will be expected to focus on the learning process (in an interactive, social or relational sense), the issue of knowledge (what is it, how can it be measured and managed) and knowledge generation/creation. Finally, reflect on what you have learned from the workshop experience that you can use to inform your understanding and methods of knowledge management in an organizational setting. Merger Management Identify and describe a case of organizational merger with which you are or could become familiar. Critically analyse the ‘human’ (as opposed to financial or structural) side of the merger, reflecting in particular on merger strategy, process, and post-merger outcomes. Harness relevant social psychological theory (one or several) to formulate the human side of organizational merger, describe and explain what
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Problem Sheet - Practice Projects, Essays and Exam...

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