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American Airlines 1. Critically evaluate the human resource systems at American Airlines in 1990, prior to the pilots' contract settlement, in terms of their internal coherence and relationship to American's business goals. 2. Given the outcome of the 1991 pilot contract settlement, what is your plan to manage costs, productivity, and quality at American Airlines in the future? Portman Hotel 1. What is the PPV system trying to accomplish? What are its business goals? 2. Describe how original design of the PV system was supposed to work. 3. What were the problems with the system? Were they problems of implementation or design? 4. Did the 5 star system deal with the problems? 5. What action plan would you suggest for the PV system? What are the consequences of your choice? What will the various stakeholders have to say about it? 6. What steps would you take in implementing your proposal? Sonoco Products
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What was happening to the packaging industry at the time of the case? How will these changes impact Sonoco's strategy? 2. What are Sonoco's current strengths in terms of its culture and people? What are the company's major weaknesses? 3. What were Cindy Hartley's objectives for changes at Sonoco? 4. How successful were the HR changes at Sonoco? Was the sequence of changes the right one? 5. What is the right HR structure for Sonoco - centralized or hybrid? Why? Evaluate different options (pros and cons). 6. Will changes be sustained? What should Cindy Hartley attend to next? Citibank 1. Why has Citibank introduced a Performance Scorecard? 2. Assume that you are Lisa Johnson. Complete Exhibit 1 to evaluate James’ performance. Goldman Sach As raised in the case, plan for more systematic and effective approach of developing Sr. Leaders at Goldman Sach....
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