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Advertising and other stuff - Advertising Campaign...

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Advertising Campaign methodology Building of intrigue - run teaser campaign for 2-3 months before launch. For example run ads saying that " something fishy is coming to town " , " there's something fishy going on " and " If its from the sea, its with us ". Media mix - TV, national newspapers, Internet and radio (primarily offers) On-ground activities - Conduct product trials near fast food joints like KFC, Pizza hut, subway and McDonalds. Special activation for women and health conscious customers - near gyms and parks Blue painted trucks and vans carrying the typical Long John Silvers fish insignia can be used to increase visibility and selected menu items can be served through these vehicles by mounting a mobile kitchen on them. Infiltration into popular culture - stress on use of Indian variety of fish i.e. pomfret and seer fish. Also use of traditional Indian spices in the preparation of fish and chicken can be highlighted. Since being healthy is on everyone's minds, awareness drives and campaigns highlighting health benefits of eating fish can be carried out. Ensuring service quality Reliability: Latest equipment and best methods will ensure on time and highest quality service. Order registering would be fully computerized and secure. Passing on of orders would be fast and accurate so as to minimize idle time and hence losses. (The ability to perform the service dependably and
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Advertising and other stuff - Advertising Campaign...

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