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Problem Description The mess uses milk and milk based dairy product in substantial quantities. Due to milk being a highly perishable item (in the absence of adequate refrigeration and storage facilities), it is very difficult to estimate the quantity of milk required on a day to day basis. Also, there is lot of wastage of milk in different forms like coffee, tea, sweets etc. ORM Concept Used This problem can be solved using delayed product differentiation and the law of aggregation. Solution Forecasting error is reduced when the product is forecasted for the aggregates. We should estimate the overall quantity of milk required and then, keep milk in the generic for as late in the supply chain as possible. This is done by keeping milk, sugar and coffee separately during breakfast. This ensures that students can use milk for plain drinking, making coffee and mixing with corn flakes alike. The wastage thus gets reduced as we don’t have to forecast for individual items.
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Unformatted text preview: Left over curd Problem Description Food is made in quantities forecasted for the entire batch and some surplus is bound to happen. Any surplus left over is mostly wasted as there is less synchronisation between messes and no planning of menu between meals to reduce wastage. ORM Concept Used Recycling can be used to greatly reduce this wastage. Solution Milk has a very high potency. For dairy products, any leftovers from one meal can be used in the same or any other form during subsequent meals. For Eg. Left over milk can be converted to ghee and stored. Left over curd can be converted to paneer and used. Left over paneer can used to make paneer and khoya based sweets. There should be inter-mess coordination to ensure aggregate forecasting and recycling. Potential Difficulties in Implementing Solution The conversions to other forms should be made at an appropriate time, or the products may turn bitter....
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