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ORM assignment DKB

ORM assignment DKB - This process of shredding would need...

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Problem Description Demand for rotis would differ every day .Some would eat more rice one day or eat all of roti. Meeting demand is necessary as students would not accept shortage in rotis. ORM Concept Used Product Postponement is to be done to optimally produce Indian Bread(Roti) Solution Wheat flour is made to a paste and rolled into circular pads. This would be generic product which could be used to produce Puri(deep fried wheat flour pads) /rotis in afternoon or night whenever demand increases. Problems Storage of wet flour could pose a problem of hygiene Problem Description Disposing the paper glasses used by students in mess for tea and coffee. ORM Concept Used Recycling paper from disposable glasses for energy requirements Solution 1. The used paper glasses are shredded and a finely cut paper is produced 2. It is dried appropriately. 3. Shredded fine paper pieces can now be used to heat the Indian Oven(tandoori) during Sunday special food preparations where it is used Problems in implementing
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Unformatted text preview: This process of shredding would need new equipment and corresponding maintenance cost with the process. Problem Description Water in dry seasons is a scarce resource. It shortage could lead to problems right from cooking to cleaning utensils in kitchen and also maintaining greenery on campus ORM Concept Used Create a recyclable water model for kitchen for sustained water supply in dry seasons. Solution 1. Water wasted for washing and cleaning utensils is collected. 2. Water is filtered using different layers of sand, charcoal and filter beds 3. Passing through UV treatment for sterilizing from bacteria and other micro organisms 4. Treated water can be used for cleaning and washing purposed in kitchen(if not drinking) and for maintaining greenery Problems in implementing Needs considerable amount of Investment for the set up of the recycling apparatus Periodic maintenance is required on running the recycling equipment...
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