Week 1 Assignment_Check Point 1_Defining Race and Ethnicity

Week 1 Assignment_Check Point 1_Defining Race and Ethnicity...

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Defining Race and Ethnicity What do the terms race and ethnicity means to you? My define meaning of race is a group of people that are socially separated due to their apparent physical differences. The physical differences between such groups are: Race depicts a person’s appearance, therefore meaning the color of ones skin and genetic traits such as eye color and hair texture can define their race. It is obvious that such differences from one individual to the next when defining race is based solely on a person physical appearances that is then separated and categorized by groups. Due to so many interracial relationships and bi-racial children entering this world today, I do not think race matters anymore to the majority; but you still have those selective few that would debate this. These differences are characterized by society and what they find to be conclusive. My define meaning of ethnicity is a group of people that are separated due to their national origin or their distinctive patterns. The differences between these groups are
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