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What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotyping affect group relations? Provide an example of a stereotype you find in your everyday life. Comment on the experiences of your classmates. Are the experiences the same or different from yours, and how? What separates the act of stereotyping from grouping people is: grouping people is usually based on actual facts that all people in that group share the same common interest; while stereotyping is oversimplified observations in which allows one to be judgmental towards an individual(s) according to others inaccurate and bias opinions. Stereotyping can affect group relations because in most cases the stereotype is negative and judgmental. The association between the two could cause lots of friction and chaos. An example of stereotyping: One day I was doing some yard work for my dad, so
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Unformatted text preview: of course I had on old clothes, but afterwards I wanted to go look at a few cars because I looking to buy a new car. I got to the dealership looking quite busted but I figured with money in hand and good credit nothing else matters. Wrong. I could not get anyone to assist me and all they gave me were funny looks and whispers to one another. This day I was stereotyped due to my looks in which no one would acknowledge my presence, so I guess they had decided that I was broke, busted, and just window shopping. Well, they lost a customer that day due to their own ignorant misconceptions. No one is perfect and no one life experience is the same so, you must be able to accept people for who they are as an individual while respecting the fact that everyone has flaws, even you....
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