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Week 2 DQ 2 Answer - Review the following scenario Deana...

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Review the following scenario. Deana recently decided to start attending college, but her family is criticizing her decision. They argue that she should focus on working so she can start earning money. When she begins school, they fear she will not have as much time to spend with family. Her family worries that college will change Deana and that she will become too mainstream. As the first person in her family to pursue higher education, Deana thinks her family members have a prejudicial attitude towards higher education and that they should accept her decision. If you were Deana, how would you address your family’s criticisms of and attitudes about higher education? How would you dispel their fears and try to convince family members that going to college is a worthwhile endeavor? Deana's family feels this way because no one has pursued a college education within their family. They have certain ideas set in their mind about attending
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