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Week 4 DQ 1 Answer - races It is my belief that slavery was...

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How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both Black and White America today? Explain your answer. (Schaefer, 2006, p. 20) Slavery has greatly influenced the evolution of Black and White America in many ways. Bringing Africans to America to work on southern plantations was the beginning of generations of slavery, segregation, racism, and discrimination; all of which still exist today, except for slavery. Although we are a long way from completely overcoming the affects of slavery on both Whites and Blacks, the changes over the years have become quite obvious. As the U.S. Constitution supported slavery back then, now there is a Black President running our country. The highest paid woman in America is Oprah Winfrey and as we all know she is supported by many different
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Unformatted text preview: races. It is my belief that slavery was a horrible experience that black Americans experienced, however, his ungodly act actually helped the majority of people as a whole develop a sense of ethical righteousness. If it was not for slavery, I do not think that Company’s, Businesses, and Corporation’s would strive to establish and maintain high ethical standards in the workplace. Implementing such standards not only promotes diversity but makes it impossible for employers’ to discriminate against race, age, sex or religion. This is a huge accomplishment for both, white and black Americans in today’s world. I am quite sure that the ill-treatment that occurred during slavery plays a key role in determining the code of ethics that the world endorses today....
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