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Week 6 DQ 1 Answer - How well do you think Native American...

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How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Congress of American Indians, and the National Indian Gaming Association, are helping Native Americans to advance? Explain your answer. If anything, what are organizations like these doing to mitigate tribal poverty and encourage prosperity? I believe that some Native American organizations help the advancement of Native Americans better than others. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is not recognized as a Native American organization by most of the Natives. The BIA is an agency inside the U.S. Department of Interior; they are supposed to be accountable for the reservation services such as fire protection and the quality of schools, however many Native Americans will say that they have little respect and/or rarely use the agency’s services. On the other hand, the BIA has encountered many lawsuits against them from Natives nations due to their
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