Week 7 Assignment_The Official Language Movement CheckPoint

Week 7 Assignment_The Official Language Movement CheckPoint...

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The Official Language Movement CheckPoint I found four credible sources that relates to bilingualism in both politics and education in the United States. The first source I found that pertains to bilingualism in education is an article that supports the movement and the second article displays its view on the opposing position of this official language movement. Taking in observation on bilingualism in politics, I was able to research and find an article that is against bilingual ballots on one side and supportive on another. However, after furthering my research I was able to find an article that provides information that is critical from the politics view on the topic of bilingualism in the United States. Education Article 1 Supportive View-Point : This article “Advantages of Bilingual Education” presents the benefits of educating the individuals in the United States, especially the younger generations. The author of this website Marcela is a passionate supporter for this movement. She expresses the advantages of being bilingual here in the United States versus being monolingual. Some of the advantages mentioned in this article are: “Creates open minded children by giving them access to different cultures, Fosters understanding, appreciation and respect of differences, Improves interpersonal skills, and Provides better economic and employment opportunities.” After reading this article and browsing through the website thoroughly it provides very informative details about the Hispanic culture and their language. Her main focus in this article is to support bilingualism in the United States and the teachings of the Spanish language to children. She also goes into further detail about the importance of children learning the language and the
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Week 7 Assignment_The Official Language Movement CheckPoint...

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