Week 8 DQ 1 Answer - better understanding on how to do things they continue to obtain a better education open businesses and raise their children

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Consider the following statements: (a) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a model minority, and (b) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders belong to a single “Asian American” culture. If someone said one of these statements to you, how would you explain that the statements are misconceptions? Include whether you think most Americans believe these misconceptions, and explain why or why not. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are misconceived as being the model or ideal minority because they continue to show success within the American society despite having to experience prejudice and discrimination. Much like other immigrants, they also have to adapt to the American lifestyle. The conception is that they seem to have a
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Unformatted text preview: better understanding on how to do things; they continue to obtain a better education, open businesses, and raise their children while teaching them the same type of moral values. They also hold true to their foreign cultures and include them in their American lifestyle. On the other hand, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders do not belong to a single culture; in fact they are very diverse in many aspects and vary among the different ethnic groups. The initial reaction to an American when they hear the term “Asian” is either, China or Japan. However, this geographical area does not include the Asian Pacific Islanders of the Philippines, Hawaii, Southeast Asians, Koreans, and Asian Indians....
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