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Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint

Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint - Capstone CheckPoint There was...

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Capstone CheckPoint There was a lot that I learned within this course that has helped me better understand the diversity in various races and ethnicity in the United States. I learned the reasons why the Asian American groups excel so much further in education over Americans. Their beliefs in obtaining an education in very strongly bonded in their culture and family; therefore they promote educating their kids throughout the home even after school hours. At first I thought they were just hard on their kids and did not allow their kids to have friends and fun, but this is not true, however they turn their homes into a fun learning education center. After reading about all the different diversity within each culture I was amazed at what I was able to gain from the learning’s throughout these nine weeks because it has opened a whole new insight on their traditions and beliefs. I was also able to better understand the hardships they faced in the past and what they still face today. I didn’t really learn a lot about my own cultural history, but I did learn a
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