Week 2 Assignment_ Business Organization Checkpoint

Week 2 Assignment_ Business Organization Checkpoint - looks...

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Business organization checkpoint Joint - stock company: A good example of this would be: if a person, or many people build an enterprise and receive money back for it. People can invest in more than one company. Say I have put money into Wal-Mart through stocks, but I do not want to lose all of my money if it crashes so I would only put some money into the company and take the rest of it and put it into an IRA or some sort of savings account. Limited liability Company: If I put my initial money into a company and it went bankrupt, I would lose the money I put in and nothing else. It is important to cover these aspects of liability. Partnership: A group of people in which many different talents from different backgrounds
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Unformatted text preview: looks to start a business with the ideal business partner. These people may be knowledgeable in different areas in which accommodates the others expertise. Having two separate thinking individuals and incorporating all of that into a business will really aid in its success. Sole proprietorship: An example of this is: If I started my own coffee shop business, this would mean I would own the whole business by myself without having to share any of my profits but when necessary. There would be no partners nor any stockholders, and all the money would come out of my pocket and go in my pocket. If something was to happen and I lost the business then I would be the only one responsible for the lost and a failed business venture....
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