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Week 3 DQ 1 Answer - play a huge part on the impact of the...

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Discussion Question 1 Review the Business in Action case studies on pp. 143, 146, 154, & 159 of the text. Select one case that you find especially interesting and explain how ethics and decision- making effect the individuals involved in the scenario. The case that I chose is: Is Digital Piracy Unethical? Or Just Illegal? I find this case especially interesting because I use to be one of those individuals that would download music off of Napster. I remember when it first came out and my thinking was the same as in the text. I always thought, "I'm just one person, how could they possibly lose so much money if that’s the case?" I had not even realized how many people were doing the same thing I was doing. So, when they shut Napster down I stopped downloading music altogether. I have seen other software such as Kazza, but decided not to take part in it due to the corruption involved and illegal side of it. I would have to say that ethics and decision-making
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Unformatted text preview: play a huge part on the impact of the music and movie industry. I think people feel that downloading music is not really considered stealing, so therefore ones morals do not come in to play here and their decision is to continue doing it; which this threatens those industries sales and revenue. For me personally, my ethics are different. I saw and understood that what I was doing was wrong so, I made a choice to stop doing it. This could also make a big impact for the industries if others would do the same and stop downloading music. I not sure that this will ever stop; on the other hand, my cousin said that there is so much music made available to download but only one thing, a lot of it is full of viruses that takes over your computer. Now, this leaves it up to you to get repaired and can even destroy some of your files. Is it really worth it?...
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