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I think that the reason why we still need laws even though most companies conduct business ethically is due to others that choose “not to” conduct business in a ethically fashion. That would be like saying, "Most people would never commit murder, so why should there be a law against it?” If you do not break any laws, chances are you hold a high level of good standard ethics within yourself as well as being a business owner. I think and want to believe that most laws are made up of good ethics. An example of a business not having good ethics and therefore needing laws to govern what they do would be; if an oil changing company takes the used oil from the vehicles they service and dump it out back in the field rather than properly disposing the used oil, hurting the environment. I would think that a company would never do such a thing but, you never know the full capabilities of another person actions; this is the reason why laws are put in
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Unformatted text preview: place. Laws eliminates any discrepancies one may have about the do’s and don’t of any sort pertaining to conducting business ethically. Business ethics are different from other laws because business ethics pertains to the company’s mission to have their own defined specifications to follow; which will help to make sure that their company maintains good ethical performance. Laws were put into place by government officials to ensure that all opened businesses operated in an ethical manner under certain but specific guidelines; leaving room for business owners to implement their own guidelines to follow as well while making certain theses laws are being abided by. What they both have in common is they both value maintaining good ethics in the world of business commerce....
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