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Week 5 DQ 1 Answer - briefly start your persuasion through...

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The different methods of communication one can use are E-mail, Written Letters/Memo, Instant Messaging, Telephone Conversations, and Face-to-Face Meetings. In my opinion I believe that it depends on what type of persuasion it is and who you are presenting it to. From past experience I know that when dealing with management it was much easier to communicate by email, but using phone and voice messaging could also be useful as well. The reason being is because managers have a lot going on throughout their day to day responsibilities and emailing allots the time needed to come back to important details and information that needs to be reviewed without forgetting. Management is responsible for checking their company emails periodically throughout the day, so this makes emailing within in a business an easier way to communicate and stay up to date with things going on within the company. Using email I feel can be an effective form of communication because you can
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Unformatted text preview: briefly start your persuasion through email which opens the door in presenting your persuasive argument. This then will enable you to go into a Face-to-Face Meeting a little more comfortable due to the fact that they already received a briefing of your persuasion through email. In the end, with anyone, I believe face to face conversation is best, but email allows you that opening to your argument prior to the Face-to-Face meet. However, you can analyze someone’s body language and determined if the person is interested or not when conversing Face-to-Face. This can tell you if you need to research more information to become more persuasive, if the idea is not worth pursuing, or if the person is receptive to the idea. With all being said I believe that Face-to-Face is the more effective way communicating on all levels....
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