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Week 6 Assignment_Motivation and Team Cases Study

Week 6 Assignment_Motivation and Team Cases Study -...

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Motivation and Team Cases Study Two Men and a Lot of Trucks: I believe that Ms. Mary Ellen Sheets had a few motivating factors that was brought on from the success that was manifested early on in her mission to start this business for her son’s. There are a few motivating theories that was made clear in the story. One of the first theories were; putting together a simple drawing and placing it in a local ad and then continuing to receive messages even after both of her son’s left for college. Secondly, after handing out comment cards to her customers to rate the service of her business and getting only 1% of negative feedback from the customers was definitely motivating to her. Another motivating theory for Ms. Sheets was working as a volunteer at one of the local hospital crisis intervention center’s where she was able to gain more experience as to how she would interact with her customers giving them satisfying customer service, especially being that she did not have any formal business background. Ms.
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