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Week 7 DQ 1 Answer - There are many ways that a company can...

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There are many ways that a company can motivate its employees. Consider the different types of pay and benefits described on pages 420-423 of the text. What type of incentive do you think is most effective for creating a motivation work environment? Why? After reading the different types of pay structures and the benefits that can be included as incentives, I believe that the most effective one would be bonus pay. I think that whether you are working together as team or working as an individual this type of incentive could give the employees another reason to be motivated about their position because it includes another form of pay along with their base salary. I use to work in a call center many years ago where you had your guaranteed base pay but if you reached your weekly quota plus some, the company gave weekly bonuses to those that performed exceptionally well for that week. This type of incentive for this particular company
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