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Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking - Of the two techniques used...

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Of the two techniques used when anticipating an audience’s reaction —brainstorming and imaginary-dialogue—which do you prefer to use? Explain why. I would say that I prefer to use both techniques and any other techniques that are useful in helping me present my ideas effectively to my audience; while also being able to address others opposed view on the subject matter. As for brainstorming my ideas, I like to write all of my thoughts down on paper as they come to me so that I can refer back to them later. During this process I am able to critically think about questions the audience may have in mind and any objections they may have during my presentation; by doing this it allows me to create a response that is effective and logical while giving them something to think about. I can brainstorm everything that I know about the subject, no matter how silly it may sound, then go over each thought and weed out anything that
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