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How could you help the child understand that all her school days are the  same length and improve her thinking skills? Well the first thing I would do, was to let the child know that the Thursday is just as long as the other days. It is important that they understand that before you try and find the root of why the child thinks the way they do. Secondly, you should ask the child why they feel like Thursdays are longer. It is important to know why someone feels like something is different, even if it is the same as every other day. I think
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Unformatted text preview: once you know the root cause of something, it then becomes much easier to try and fix, or in this case, to explain why the child is wrong about Thursdays being longer. There are times when days feel shorter or longer depending on what happens, and in this case, the child might not like what they do on Thursdays, so the day seems longer then it really is. You just have to talk to the child and explain to them why you know that certain days are not longer than another....
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