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Week 1 DQ 3 Answer (CCT) - school on Thursday her class is...

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A child in first grade believes that she is in school longer on Thursdays than any other days of the week. How could you help the child understand that all her school days are the same length and improve her thinking skills? How could you help the child understand that all her school days are the  same length and improve her thinking skills? Well the first thing I would do is let her know that Thursday is just as long as all the other days. It is important to understand why she thinks that Thursday is longer than any other day in order to get to the root of the problem and give her a logical explanation as to why it is not longer it just may seem longer depending on what you are doing that day. Then, I would ask her “What is it that you do on Thursday that you do or do not do on all the other days?” This will give me an understanding as to why she thinks Thursday is longer; maybe the last hour or so of
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Unformatted text preview: school on Thursday her class is in the library instead of P.E. or Arts and Crafts. With an understanding I can see why she feels as if Thursday is longer because she is not doing something interesting or exciting so it feels like time is in slow motion. Now I can explain to her that there are times when days feel shorter or longer than others depending on what’s happening and how productive you are throughout your day. I can also provide her with a breakdown of her daily school routine from the time she gets up, gets on the bus, class starts, time in which each subject/class switches, school dismissal, and arrival at home is all the same each day with an exception of a few minutes here and there. This will allow her to put to use her own thinking abilities while improving the way she analyzes different things....
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