Week 2 DQ 2 Answer Pt.1

Week 2 DQ 2 Answer Pt.1 - own individuality. Some people...

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1.  Based on your readings from p. 53 of your textbook and your personal  experience, would you say that pop-culture affects individuality and, if so,  how? I would have to say that pop-culture does have a major affect on individuality.   This affect can go either way, good or bad.  In some cases a celebrity may  promote individuality, and actually get the correct message across to the right   person that is willing to step outside the box to explore who they are as a   person.  The people that get this message correctly decide what they want to do   and how they should execute it, instead of doing what everyone else is doing   and being involved with a group of people that is neither positive nor   promoting leadership skills.  The other (bad) side to this is the people who   idolize a celebrity and strives to be like that person in which hinders a persons  
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Unformatted text preview: own individuality. Some people just feel the need to conform to the ways of others by trying to fit in. Then there is the "non-conformist." These are people that are set on being an individual of their own thinking and doing which separates them from others. The only problem with being an "individual" and a "non-conformist" is that it essentially requires this type of person to be strong minded and determined to be themselves no matter what others think, rather than trying to be somebody they are not. At the end of the day pop-culture will always affect a certain mass of people influencing the way they dress, talk, walk, and the type of music they listen to, as well as their behavior and interaction with people....
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