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Pt. 1. If you had to investigate a problem or issue, what sources of information would you use? Explain why. One of the first sources I would use is the Internet. While you have to be careful when gathering information from websites on the Internet, it can at least give you a good base to start from. If information can be gathered from a website ending in ".gov" or ".org" meaning it is a government website or a website of a legitimate organization, then most likely it has reliable and credible information that may be of great use in ones investigation. When using the internet for research one must ensure that the information provided is indeed credible sources and all deemed factual data. Another great source of information is to find and get an expert(s) opinion on the problem/issue at hand in which they could suggest a solution or at least provide useful tips. Not only can an expert give someone valuable
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Unformatted text preview: information, but they can also validate any other information one may have determining its credibility to the problem/issue at hand. Libraries are also a great source in finding reliable information but, people must make sure that the information they are gathering is from a legitimate author, which has done legitimate research providing factual details, and not just the opinions of someone’s published thoughts. Some times the best way to gather information is to go straight to the source of the problem or issue. By learning as much as possible about the problem or issue and the occurrence of things, would aid in determining the proper solution and actions that need to be taken to bring about a workable resolution. No matter where the information comes from, the most important thing is credibility....
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