Week 7 DQ 1 Pt. 2 Answer

Week 7 DQ 1 Pt. 2 Answer - When I wrote my paper in Com/156...

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How can being open to criticism help you solve problems in your daily life? Being open to criticism can help solve problems in my daily life because there are many people that have been through the experiences I may be currently going through. By listening to their advice I may not make the same mistakes they did and get to a solution faster. There is a thin line between where constructive criticism ends and negative criticism begins. However, if someone is trying to help or give advice they will share experiences and ideas of their own; whereas, if someone is just telling you that you are wrong in what ever it is, but not trying to help with a solution, then just ignore their comments and rationally think of a solution or a source of constructive criticism that could help you make better decisions. Criticism is necessary in order to help me to refine my work academically.
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Unformatted text preview: When I wrote my paper in Com/156 class, I started with an outline in which lead to the rough draft, and eventually a finished paper. Along the way I received feedback from my instructor about the mistakes I made, and what process I will use to revise my paper and make corrections. It is the same way with life we all need criticism because from it we learn never to make the same mistakes again and it also gives us another way to perform a task in which brings better results. In order to find solutions to my problems I have to first focus on my own beliefs and then be willing to listen to the opinion of someone else, while discerning if the information is credible or something I need to discard. I should never assume that I know all of the answers and no one else does because this could hinder my ability to gain more knowledge and make improvements in areas that need work....
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