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· When oversimplifying, complex matters may be misrepresented and distorted. How can you find and overcome oversimplifications in your arguments? The first thing I would do is look for anything that has been simplified and make sure that it has not lost any meaning behind it. The matter being discussed must still be addressed fully and maintain its original thought and main point. I would make sure that there were no important facts left out that may help my argument be more effective. I would make sure that the statement is not misleading in any way, and that it does not change the meaning or main point when it is simplified. After finding all of the areas that have been oversimplified I would re-word them so that they are still
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Unformatted text preview: simple and easy for anyone to comprehend. I would also make sure that the statement is not being over explain or give to much information that is irrelevant, and ensure that it clearly states the main point of my argument along with including any other vital but important information that needs to be incorporated. It is important that you are careful not to oversimplify an issue. In order to actually find oversimplification, you have to be diligent when reading about issues. You have to be able to judge whether a statement represents the reality of a situation. To overcome oversimplification, it is vital to use your critical thinking skills in order to analyze a situation and find what is true....
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