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Week 9 DQ 1 Answer Pt. 1 - simplify the information so that...

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· Think of something you would like to persuade others to believe or agree with you. Which techniques should you use to present those ideas and persuade your audience effectively? Which approaches would you use to communicate those ideas effectively in speech and in writing? I would first figure out what type of audience I will be presenting my idea or argument to. If the audience is all experts then I do not have to waste any time explaining what things mean or do. I will not have to define certain words and will not have to over- explain different sections of my presentation; I would present the specific details needed as well as address any problems that may be of concern following a solution to conclude my persuasive argument. If the audience is "every day" people, then I may have to
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Unformatted text preview: simplify the information so that anyone would be able to understand it, but not oversimplifying to the point of misconception. If the audience is full of business men, then they are more likely to want the presentation to be informative and helpful using details and specifics. It is important to define who your audience is and their thoughts on the argument at hand, this also helps to determine what type of presentation best fits your audience. Knowing others thoughts and opinions will help create your persuasive position that is accepting because you are able to address their thoughts and opinions while developing an effective argument of persuasion....
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