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Week 9 DQ 2 Answer Pt.1

Week 9 DQ 2 Answer Pt.1 - subject matter opposed to your...

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Why is it important to know your audience when presenting ideas? It is imperative to know our audience when we are presenting ideas that we will need to persuade them of. We need to be aware of their existing knowledge of the subject and the opinions they have on it. People's opinions are formed by taking many factors into account such as age, gender, educational background, religion, income, race, nationality, business and professional affiliations. We cannot possibly learn all of these factors for each member of our audience so we must learn as much as we can and consider the variety of views others may have on the
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Unformatted text preview: subject matter, opposed to your own. We can ask ourselves questions to help us figure out how to direct our persuasion that best suit the audience's perspective, knowledge of the topic, familiarity with the facts, and the influence of other sources. These are all of importance to know and will bring value when presenting your ideas to an audience with only one attempt in convincing them of your position on the subject matter. We should develop our presentation to what information our audience needs to know in order to make the best decision and move toward an effective solution....
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