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Week 8 CheckPoint - acceptable nor appropriate and because...

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Incident 18-1: Changes in Employee’s Behavior 1. What should Mel do at this time? I believe that Mel should approach Jack and ask him to come into his office immediately because he needs to speak with him about a serious matter. Once Jack makes it to the office Mel should then let him know that he saw him enter the hospitals storage room which is a place he is not suppose to be in and he noticed that he spent quite some time in there as well. Mel should also let Jack know that he is worried about him due to his actions over the past few weeks. He should try asking Jack some concerning questions about what may be going on with him that may be the cause and change in his unusual behavior at work. Mel should then inform him that he smells of alcohol and that is totally unacceptable and inappropriate. Mel should also emphasize on how good of an employee he has been and never given us any problems in the past, but over the past few weeks there has been some noticeable changes in his actions and behavior that is not
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Unformatted text preview: acceptable nor appropriate; and because of this there will be mandatory guidelines to follow that will be incorporated into his employees file. 2. How should Mel handle the overall problem? The way Mel should handle this problem with Jack is to explain to him that drinking alcohol on the job is unacceptable and is a serious problem in which could cause liabilities for the company. Therefore, from this point on he will be subjected to random drug/alcohol evaluations as well as urine specimen screenings; and if failed at anytime will result in immediate termination. Mel should give Jack a week off of work without pay so that he has time to pull himself together and return to work as the Jack we know. He should let Jack know that he is a valued employee and we want him to get better; and we will do all that we can as a concerned employer to help, but it is up to him to handle any personal problems that he has going on so that it does not affect his job nor his financial stability....
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