CheckPoint_1_ Incident 1-1_ Promotion into Supervision

CheckPoint_1_ Incident 1-1_ Promotion into Supervision - to...

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I believe that Roy would make a great supervisor. I think that Roy possess several qualities in which makes him a good candidate for the supervisor position. Roy’s qualities consist of, 15 years of experience working for the company, 10 years of problem solving experience which includes planning, organizing, and helping the development of the union before and after the election campaign, negotiating any differences from employer-to-employee, 6 years of leadership experience as the union’s president, and he is also well respected by his fellow employees as well as the management team within the company. He is well aware of the goals for the company and has been a part of both the company and the union as he has also helped them reach those goals; while he has been a great achiever with the company he has also developed a reputation as the president for being firm, but fair with his management team. I think that a good supervisor needs to know more than just how to handle people. A good supervisor also needs to know how
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Unformatted text preview: to motivate their employees, delegate responsibilities, have great organizational skills, be a problem-solver for any employee issues as well as any company problems that may arise, be able to maintain a great attitude in front of customers, clients, other employees even after dealing someone irate, while also being able to meet the requirements and other expectations of the company. As for Roy he has been able to demonstrate all of this, negotiating union complaints with management at the company. I believe that Roy’s fellow employees would be grateful to have him as a supervisor. The employees value his opinions and like his style of management, or he would not have been elected as president twice, nor would he have been allowed to work in various areas within the union. I also think that the employees would feel they have a manager that will go over and beyond at performing his best if he accepts the position offered by the plant manager....
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