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Week 3 DQ for Assisgnment on Sunday 7-2 In Basket

Week 3 DQ for Assisgnment on Sunday 7-2 In Basket - 1 Two...

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1. Two applications for jobs (no positions open right now). Delegate : I would let one of my shift managers handle this situation as they are able to explain to the candidate that there are no positions available as of yet; and can also let them know when would be a good time to come back and apply. 2. A note to call Mary (salesclerk) about vacation schedule. Delegate: This is also a task that can be completed by one of the managers as they are normally the ones preparing the schedules for the employees. 3. A notice that the mall will be changing hours for the upcoming holiday and requesting notice of store plans. Act Upon: This request should be handled me as I am the one responsible for any change in hours or store plans. 4. A customer complaint regarding product quality. Act upon: I would handle this issue and ensure the quality of the product is indeed not good; in which then I can override the product for return and exchange or refund if applicable. Since an exchange or refund must go through a supervisor anyway I should be the one taking care of this complaint.
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