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I think that one of the biggest obstacles when working on teams is the lack of communication. Being able to maintain good communication within a team or group is extremely important and if it is not effective could cause confusion/chaos. When working on a team you must apply rules, regulations, and policies to follow so that there is no misconception there; however, including a drop box that is checked daily for your employees to use in order for them to communicate effectively with management when they are unable to would be a good form of communicating directly but indirectly. I think that with set guidelines and a drop box for comments, concerns, questions etc… for the team/employees to reach out to management when they are unavailable is a good way to ensure communication. Another obstacle that may occur when working on a team is some team member’s personalities and egos clashing.
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Unformatted text preview: In this case one must delegate their employees to the appropriate teams ensuring that there is balance in experience, personalities, attitudes, and egos. Therefore, over a short time period a supervisor must learn and become knowledgeable of all their employees in order to accomplish this obstacle. Another obstacle that may occur is someone being recognized for their good work ethics which may cause problems with others on the team feeling left out. In this situation, that individual should be recognized in front of everyone with detail of their effective work ethics; this is used as an encouraging factor for others on the team. I would also offer an incentive program for the team and a rewards program for those that produce efficient and effective work ethics within the company; this will be used to strengthen productivity and motivate all team members....
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