Week 4_Assignment_Work Team Concepts

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After reviewing this weeks assignment and all areas discussed in discussion question 2 as well as what was explained by Rue and Byars (2004) in chapter 8, I am aware of the importance of communication and setting a good example while staying consistent. As for group norms and group cohesiveness both requires some form of communication; otherwise there would be no need to acquire or belong to a group. When it comes to group pressure, groupthink, group conformity, and group influence it is mandatory to have a line of communication among the group therefore one another has a clear understanding of the information being conveyed. Whereas, group leadership, group self-direction and group communication would not even be in existent if none of the members of the group listened or participated in discussions. Although, communication is a very important element in any work group; on the other hand, non-communicative people tend to give off expressions of the way they are feeling by using body language. Just as verbal communication expresses ones thoughts and feelings, so does the unspoken
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