Week 5_Assignment_Exercise 10-2

Week 5_Assignment_Exercise 10-2 - Exercise 10-2 OJT Brian...

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Exercise 10-2 OJT Brian Collins MGT/210_Lisa Newman Axia College of University of Phoenix
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As with any business it is important for supervisors to have the ability to effectively and properly train new employees as it pertains to each position and the job requirements. Therefore, a good orientation/training program will ensure that all employees clearly understand what their position entails and making sure that they are completely knowledgeable on all products and services; while securing that each employee skills and expertise meets company standards. I have designed a three day orientation and training program plan that will effectively and completely train new salesclerks. This training program will start promptly at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for three days. When they arrive they will be given an orientation and training program handout that concisely describes what the training program entails; they will also be provided with an employee handbook and all paper that is required. Below are the details of the training program and what will be included in this three day program. Day 1 The objective of this orientation is to improve our employee’s performance and their over-all skills and expertise within the company. I will first welcome our new hires aboard and allow everyone to introduce themselves to the team. We will then go-over all the requirements of the job as well as responsibilities and what is expected from them performance wise. Then we will review the company policies and code of conduct and make sure there are no questions or concerns related to these guidelines; this way I guarantee that everyone is on the same page and have a clear understanding to these rules and regulations. After reviewing all materials and making certain that all new hires questions, concerns, or comments has been addressed we will then move on to touring the facility. As we tour the facility we will go-over the importance of safety while on the job along with good safety tips. I will explain then show them how to properly stock and store items, make sure that they stay aware of their surrounding while making sure the floor is free from any hazardous or dangerous stuff, and make sure they become familiar
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Week 5_Assignment_Exercise 10-2 - Exercise 10-2 OJT Brian...

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