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I would first review the employee’s files and look over any raises given in the past two years. Depending upon how much money can be allocated for employee raises is when I would determine how it will be distributed. I would distribute some of the monies in a department that is lacking performance, but have those certain individuals that always go over and beyond. For instance, let’s say our appointment setting department has been slacking in maintaining good quality leads for our sales reps, which also affects the company profits. Being that our appointment setting department is a major division within the company it would only be right to focus on providing raises for those employees performing above average work in that particular department. I would aware everyone in that department that our semiannual employee evaluation is coming up and anyone whose performance has been at their best and is continuing to maintain at those levels will have a chance at receiving a raise, but making a reminder that not everyone
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Unformatted text preview: will receive one. However, since this department has not been doing so well I would also offer daily incentives in which will motivate the entire team. I will then review those employees performance in that department over the past six months to determine my slackers versus my workers. I will continue to monitor everyone’s call time on each call, employee’s pitch to potential customers and ensure they are on point, any rebuttals given to customers who show no interest, sales techniques, proper and appropriate questions asked during the call which wings out uninterested customers, gaining more interested ones, as well as monitoring the customer service provided to each customer; all of this important in order to obtain a good quality lead. After completion of evaluating these objectives that are to be followed by employees it will definitely help with finalizing an employee performance appraisal, while bringing in better leads and increasing profits....
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