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Week 6_CheckPoint_Employees' Union

Week 6_CheckPoint_Employees' Union - express how they feel...

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Employees' Union As the supervisor of this manufacturing plant, first I would want some clarification on what the rumor is about that is going around so that I can be clear on the rumor itself. I would have to investigate the rumors and validate what is true and what is false, this way I am able to verify the truth about the rumor. I would also gather more information by talking to the employees of the union to find out what the complaints are about; I will document the information I gather, this allows me to make sure that I am clear on everything pertaining to this complaint and all has been noted. Next I would speak to upper management and discuss with them this complaint from the union. I would present to them the documentation that I made and we will discuss any possible solutions. I will schedule a meeting with the union (employees) and upper management. I would allow the employees to speak in this group setting and voice their opinions on the matter and
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Unformatted text preview: express how they feel. Then, I would ask the union what is it that they feel needs to be changed or what they would like to see change. Afterwards, we will then discuss amongst everyone (employees, upper management, and supervisors) what changes can take place, which ones need company approval, and weed out the impossible changes; then we are able to come to a mutual agreement on the changes we can make and gradually make the needed changes. My responsibility to the union is to communicate openly with them, listen to any problems/complaints they may have, and compromise when possible. By bringing the union together, addressing their issues, and agree on changes that can be made shows them that the company expresses interest in their dispute and will do everything possible to rectify the problem and including some of their suggestive thoughts in the process....
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