Week 7_CheckPoint_Incident 14-1 No Extra Efforts

Week 7_CheckPoint_Incident 14-1 No Extra Efforts - Incident...

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Unformatted text preview: Incident 14-1 No Extra Effort I think that the reason why the nurses are not motivated is maybe because the supervisor that was hired was hired from an outside hospital, rather than from within. As stated in our text, “Job satisfaction refers to an individual’s general attitude toward the job. It can be affected by such factors as working conditions, pay and benefits, the individual’s attitudes toward the organization and supervision and toward the work itself, and the individual’s health and age.” (Pg.252) This could cause lack of motivation and make the employees feel that since the hospital does not consider one of the members from their current staff to be qualified enough for the position, then why should they have to produce quality work. Another reason may be that the nurses are aware of the nationwide shortages on nurses; therefore they might feel as though they will not be terminated for any wrongful doing since there are no nurses available to fill their position...
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