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The approach that I would use would be: Mention that I have notice the subordinate’s recent irritable behavior, and then listen to what the subordinate has to say. Then, in an understanding way, indicate that personal problems should not be allowed to affect job performance. I feel that this approach would be the best one to use in order to get the subordinate to open up to whatever problems their having and try to give them some advice on how to handle their emotions about personal problems so that it does not affect their ability to perform their job responsibilities. On the other hand, the subordinate could reject even talking about the issues they are having, but at least you are bringing to their awareness that you have notice the irritation and snappiness behavior they have had and it has been affecting their ability to appropriately deal with employees and perform the responsibilities of their job. I would remind the subordinate this behavior is unacceptable in the workplace and any personal issues should be left at home before coming into work.
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Unformatted text preview: From this point I will have to monitor and document the subordinate’s behavior and they will consider this as a verbal warning. If the behavior continues there will be a written warning given the second time and the third will result in automatic termination. I would also let the subordinate know that they are a valuable member of our team of professionals but, this type of behavior is not acceptable and does not show good leadership nor is it good role model actions to follow for others working with the company. This approach allows you to address the situation the subordinate is having while also laying the ground rules of the company. You are able to show your concern on the change of behavior but, you are also able to let them know that what they are doing is inappropriate and unacceptable and if it continues these are the consequences. This leaves no room for discrimination and open grounds for termination....
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