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Week 1_CheckPoint_Pre-Socratic Philosophers

Week 1_CheckPoint_Pre-Socratic Philosophers - CheckPoint...

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CheckPoint: Pre-Socratic Philosophers The philosopher that I thought had the most compelling ideas was Socrates. Socrates was one of three great philosophers and was respected by many. He was an outstanding debater that expressed a great interest in philosophy and practical things. He was not one of interest in arguing just to be arguing nor did he immerse himself into sophistry. However, he wanted to explore the more important things in life such as the essential knowledge of nature. He wanted to discover the greatness of ones characteristics and ability to show some courage, while seeing the beauty and bringing the goodness out of ones character. Socrates goal was to get the people to understand how to use their own given gift of knowledge in order to better analyze any given situation in accordance to ones beliefs and skills at being able to detect any misconceptions in ones own ignorance. After being announced as one of the wisest of
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