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Week 8 CheckPoint_Final Project Outline and Speaker Notes

Week 8 CheckPoint_Final Project Outline and Speaker Notes -...

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Final Project Outline and Speaker Notes Question: When one selects a particular professional life, does that also give one a certain set of moral obligations? Title : One’s Moral Obligations in the Profession of Social Services Introduction : 1) Moral Obligations 2) Professional aspect of Social Services: One’s duties to others, ability to work well with people, awareness, and honesty Responsibilities of Others: 1) Maintaining Services 2) Putting in good work effort and ethics into the profession of choice Capabilities: 1) Education and Experience 2) Working well with various diverse cultures and maintaining awareness of all situations Honesty and Self-Control: 1) Maintaining one’s integrity and honesty 2) Importance of professional behavior Personal Thoughts: 1) Importance of knowing one’s responsibility and obligations 2) One’s characteristic traits and knowledge base 3) Honesty and reliability *Philosophers Mark Halfon: One’s moral purpose based on their level of integrity Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 – 1980): Making choices for yourself and others, handling of self and others, along with action and morality Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.E.): One’s science of reasoning, knowledge base and honesty Conclusion: 1) Moral obligations 2) Knowing of responsibilities upon self and others 3) Characteristics and level of experience References
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Speaker Notes Slide 1 – Title Slide 2 – Introduction: The moral obligations in which are discussed in this power point presentation are responsibilities of others, integrity, as well as one’s abilities to follow through thoroughly is considered the main fundamentals when working in the field of social services. There are several issues that come up within the social service due to some of the workers lack of practicing this division’s moral obligations and strict code of ethics which are extremely important in this field of services. In order to succeed
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Week 8 CheckPoint_Final Project Outline and Speaker Notes -...

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