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In your Initial DQ Response, please answer the following three questions: A - How did Mary Wollstonecraft influence first-wave feminism? B - How did Simone de Beauvoir's writing shape the second wave? C - How did the events of the first and second wave impact each other? Mary Wollstonecraft was a brilliant woman who voiced her own opinions and spoke on how she felt about the unfair treatment of women through her actions and her writing. She disputed with others and wanted them to reconsider their thoughts on what a women should be, how she should act and the way in which she should be treated within society. Mary went against the general ideas that women were the property of men and should only serve as mothers and homemakers. She had involved herself in the feminist and human rights movements in an effort to express her thoughts on women as well as the injustice they had to face along with other minority groups Simone de Beauvoir views were different from Mary Wollstonecraft, however, her
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