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Week 2_CheckPoint_ A Microfinance MIS

Week 2_CheckPoint_ A Microfinance MIS - and administration...

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Microfinance MIS A Microfinance MIS MIS is a management information system that is designed to microfinance institutions in expanding countries. Management information systems (MIS), such as Mifos, “deal with the planning for, development, management, and use of information technology tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management.” (Rainer & Turban, 2008, p.24) Mifos enables one to run social and business reports while analyzing reports, manage clients, investments, as well as loan portfolios. Mifos offers many benefits to its users such as, ability to run smoothly, advancement, social and business impact, flexibility, and safe keepings of confidential information and secure data information. Mifos runs on top of a MySQL database (Grameen Foundation, 2008). A MySQL database is generally used in web based applications and for storing data and logging in and out of user sites such as, Facebook. The Mifos database has distinct structures for certain accounts such as confirmations, approvals,
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Unformatted text preview: and administration. These three different operations software are usually combined under one component of the application. The largest part of the application is utilized to review loan officers, branches, other loans, etc… in which there is a table for each. The tables provided will store the data that supports the business logic for the application. Mifos includes reporting mechanism, and in most cases it is disconnected from all other data. It is very much so considered good practice to disconnect the old data from the new data, especially for performance purposes. ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← Microfinance MIS ← ← ← Reference Page: ← Grameen Foundation (2008). Mifos. Retrieved from: http://www.mifos.org/product/demo-the-software . Rainer, R.K. & Turban, E. (2008). Introduction to information systems (2 nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons....
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Week 2_CheckPoint_ A Microfinance MIS - and administration...

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