MT1 - Winter Term, 2012 PH 202 Midterm Exam 1 Oregon State...

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Winter Term, 2012 PH 202 Oregon State University Midterm Exam 1 (Solutions here: Form A , Form B , Form C , Form D , Form E ) Wednesday, January 25 – 7:00 p.m. MT 1 Exam Locations , based on the frst letter oF your last name, are as Follows. A – F: WNGR 151 G – N: GL±N AUD <----- (This is Gilfllan Auditorium) O – Z: CORD 1109 Check your campus maps and allow plenty oF time to fnd your location and get there! Bring : -- Your OSU photo ID -- Several pencils (and eraser). -- Your notes sheet (one standard 8.5 x 11” sheet, two sides OK, handwritten only) -- A calculator (no cellphone calculators or PDA’s, or palmtops or laptops). Frequently Asked Questions: “Will the questions mix materials from different chapters?” Yes, and this will be true all term and probably all year. Any sections oF the reading that have been covered, and any topics covered in lecture or lab, are all Fair game. “What physical data will we be given?” Anything you will need—e.g., physical constants such as densities oF specifc materials, the local magnitude oF gravitational acceleration, etc. There is no need to memorize or use space on your notes sheets For constants like that. “What geometry are we expected to know (or have on our notes sheet)?” I’ll expect you to know these 2-D Forms: circles (area, circumFerence); rectangles and triangles (trigonometry, plus area and perimeter). IF you need any 3-D Forms, such as spheres (volume and surFace area); cubes (volume and surFace area), those will be given on the exam. “What other math are we expected to know or have on our notes sheet?” I’ll expect you to know the basics oF ratios—Fractions, decimals and percents, including percentage changes—and algebra, including solving simulta - neous equations and separating (“Factoring”) out a variable From more than one term. “What’s the best way to study and prepare?” Go over the Following items: Your labs, the HW problems, my lecture notes, the assigned Mastering Physics items, the assigned reading, the Stop To Think exercises, the sum - maries, the conceptual questions, multiple-choice questions, practice problems. “Could we see a previous year’s exam—or have a practice exam?” Actually, the HW1-2 set oF questions (both short and long) were taken From exams in prior years—and the Format oF that HW set mirrors the exam Format (except that on the actual exam, there will be just one longer problem). So iF you’ve seen the HW1-2 set, you’ve seen the exam Format and scope, including how the answer blanks look.
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The Exam Format The exam will be worth 100 points. First, there will be 9 short-answer sorts of questions (similar in format to the ±rst 9 questions of HW1-2, for example). Four of those will be worth 8 points each; three will be worth 10 points each, and two will be worth 12 points each.
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MT1 - Winter Term, 2012 PH 202 Midterm Exam 1 Oregon State...

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