Assignment 2--Goal Reflection

Assignment 2--Goal Reflection - Reassessing your goals...

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Reassessing your goals: Assignment 2 Name Katie Blacketor Each Question is worth 5 points (the more your expand on your answers and the more detailed you are the more points you will earn, one or two sentence answers will not earn you any points) 1) a) Based on the goal you set at the beginning of this course, how close do you feel you have come to accomplishing it? ( Be specific i.e.: I wanted to learn breast stroke, I am now almost able to do a lap of breaststroke without stopping and feel like my technique is improving but I think I need to work on my timing and breathing technique) I wanted to be able to swim 6 lengths; I can now swim at least three. If I pace my self better I could do 4 lengths freestyle. If I switch my stroke I would be able to do more lengths. I feel like my technique has improved a lot and I’m able to swim faster. I also feel like my breathing technique has improved. b) What is one long term goal you hope to accomplish after this class is over in
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