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ادخ م±نب دركك±لمع يبا²شز³´ µرف ات ¶س´ رظن ³د ،ه·شذگ ه¸لج ³د ¹ºش حرط» ¼½اط» هب هجوت اب ا ً ك¾ط½ .دوكش هك²¿ت ¹³Àد ÁاÂوÃÄن´د ¹اگºÂد ز´ ¹º±Äن´د ³د Åل·خ» ÆÀ³د º²تاس´ يشزو»آ º²Çد Èساپ دوÉ Ê²ت ³د رÂز د³´و» هب : دي²±³´ هيµت ¶ب±يشزرا م·ف ك² ± ً ¸²±µ´ و 1- دوÉ Èساپ Ë´رب ؟ºشاب زا²ن د³و» ¶س´ ̱م» يبا²شز³´ µرف Íون ºÎچ امش رظن هب º²Çد هئ´³´ ´³ µزÏ ÐÂÏد
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2012 for the course MANAGEMENT 111 taught by Professor Seyyedbabakalavi,arasti,faghihi during the Spring '11 term at Sharif University of Technology.

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