23 Annual CBA Week - Another year of excellence has been...

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Another year of excellence has been endowed to the College of Business  Administration (CBA) for a successful week-long celebration of various activities  and undertakings. CBA, the new college name for the students taking up their  undergraduate   studies   on   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Accountancy,   Bachelor   of  Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) Major in Banking and Finance,  Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management  and Legal Management respectively, was enlighten by the theme “Experience  New CBA: Consolidating Boundless Aspirations” that caters the portals of a new  and advanced college for our beloved New Era University. It’s true that there is no constant in this world except CHANGE. Therefore,  as   sort  of   some   innovations,   this   year’s   CBA  week  was   highlighted   by  the  modified   activities   sponsored   by   the   different   course-related   organizations   – JFINEXA, JPIA, and JPCM, NEJMA and LEX REGIA. Moreover,   CBA   showcased   several   field   of   interests   which   were  participated by the whole population –sports, fashion, and agri-fair, quiz bee and  seminars. All of these serve as the appetizers, main course and dessert of the  said week-long activities.
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On   JFINEXA-SPONSORED  SEMINAR JFINEXA, the student organization of the Banking  and Finance and Financial Management students  take part in the said CBA week by designing and organizing a seminar on  insurance. Its course by nature, seemingly, caters the said undertaking as it  addresses the welfare of its studentry. “LEARNING THE CRAFTS OF THE GIANTS
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2012 for the course CBA English 1 taught by Professor Prof.mic during the Spring '12 term at University of the Philippines Diliman.

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23 Annual CBA Week - Another year of excellence has been...

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