Chapter 3 Cells The Living Units

Are organelles static within the cell how do things

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Unformatted text preview: cleus Cells may be anucleate (ex., RBC's), mononucleate (ex., most cells), or multinucleate (ex., liver and skeletal muscles) Site of DNA; stores the genetic information Nuclear envelope Nucleoli: site of ribosome production The nucleus Chromatin and chromosome structure DNA in chromatin form except when cell is dividing DNA in chromosome form when cell is replicating Chromosome DNA Histone proteins The cell cycle Growth and replication G1 S1 G2 Mitotic phase Cell division by cytokinesis Replication of DNA during S The stages of mitosis The stages of mitosis The stages of mitosis The stages of mitosis The stages of mitosis The cell cycle is regulated Regulation of the cycle is through: Contact inhibition Chemical signals (cyclin and Cdks) Cellcycle control at the G2 checkpoint Cellcycle control at the G2 checkpoint Expression of the genetic sequence Protein synthesis DNA: introns (nonencoding DNA) and exons (encoded DNA [expressed]) Transcription and translation DNA, RNA, mRNA, and tRNA Protein synthesis The genetic code Polyribosomes Information transfer from DNA to RNA The End...
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