Chapter 6 Bones and The Skeletal System

The center to contain marrow spaces osteoblasts

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Unformatted text preview: to periosteum Intramembranous ossification Steps of Intramembranous ossification Bone sutures Point of contact between two flat bones Endochondral Ossification Primary ossification center forms in cartilage model chondrocytes near the center swell to form primary ossification center matrix is reduced & model becomes weak at that point cells of the perichondrium produce a bony collar cuts off diffusion of nutrients and hastens their death Primary marrow space formed by periosteal bud osteogenic cells invade & transform into osteoblasts osteoid tissue deposited and calcified into trabeculae at same time osteoclasts work to enlarge the primary marrow cavity Primary Ossification Center & Marrow Space Both form in center of cartilage model same process begins again subsequently at ends of cartilage model. The Metaphysis Transitional zone between head and shaft of a developing long bone (the epiphyseal plate) Zone of reserve cartilage is layer of resting cartilage Zone of cell proliferation is layer chondrocytes multiply forming columns of flat lacunae Zone of cell hypertrophy shows hypertrophy Zone of calcification shows mineralization between columns of lacunae Zone of bone deposition chondrocytes die and each channel is filled with osteoblasts and blood vessels to form a haversian canal & osteon Endochondral Bone growth Epiphyseal Plates The epiphyseal plate between the primary and secondary ossification centers Secondary Ossification Center Begin to form in the epiphyses near time of birth Same stages occur as in primary ossification center Hyaline cartilage remains on joint surface as result is center of epiphyseal cartilage being transformed into spongy bone articular cartilage and at junction of diaphysis & epiphysis (epiphyseal plate) each side of epiphyseal plate has a metaphysis Metaphysis & Secondary Ossification Center Metaphysis is cartilagenous material that remains as growth plate between medullary cavity & secondary ossification centers in the epiphyses. Growth of the bone is by cartilage, with Endochondral ossification replacement by bone via osteoblasts Grow and remodel themselves throughout life Bone Growth and Remodeling Cart...
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